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City of Hawaiian Gardens Policy for Monetary Donations to Non-Profit Organizations

The City of Hawaiian Gardens recognizes the importance of community organizations which provide benefits and services for City residents. The City hereby establishes a comprehensive policy for the application process and criteria for the various forms of monetary donations provided by the City.

A. Ensure that the City of Hawaiian Gardens considers all requests for donations fairly and responsibly.
B. Ensure uniform standards and procedures are applied to donations provided by the City.

A. The following groups and/or organizations shall be considered for City donations:
1. All registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations in good standing with the State of California located within or outside the City of Hawaiian Gardens that have their principle clientele within the City and service the community.
2. Such organizations which demonstrate a financial need.
3. Such organizations or activities which demonstrate that 50% of the participants of the organization are residents of the City. The Council will have discretion to consider applications by organizations with less than 50% of resident participants if the benefit to residents would not be available if the organization was not able to operate.
4. Activities that benefit the youth of Hawaiian Gardens will be given priority during the review process.

B. The following groups and/or organizations or activities shall not be considered as eligible to receive City funds under this policy:
1. For-profit organizations and service clubs.
2. Individual persons.
3. Business, religious, political, or illegal activities.
4. Activities or organizations that are determined by a California agency or court of law to have engaged in legally prohibited forms of discrimination as specified in applicable state or federal laws.

A. Annually the City Council will approve a budget amount to be made available for donation distribution. At the same time, the City Council will establish the maximum donation any one eligible organization may receive during that fiscal year.
B. Twice annually, once from January 1 through January 31, and once from July 1 through July 31, the City Council will accept applications for donations from eligible organizations.
C. Applications are to be submitted using the City Donation Request Form. All sections must be completed with required support documentation. Applications will be received and date stamped by the City Manager or his/her designee then reviewed by the Finance Director to assure completeness. Incomplete applications will be returned to applicant to allow the applicant an opportunity to complete the package and resubmit up to the close date of the application period. Applications will not be accepted after the due date of a specific donation period but may be resubmitted during the next period.
D. After the close of the submission period, all requests will be reviewed by the Finance Director and the City Manager, or their designees, for eligibility. A report of eligible applicants, amount requested, summary of project to be funded and available budget will be developed for presentation to the City Council within sixty (60) days from the close of each submission period.
E. Approved recipients will be notified by the City Clerk and invited to a future Council meeting for awarding of the donation(s). When accepting the donation, organizations will provide a brief statement on how these funds will be used.
F. The City Clerk’s office will prepare requisitions for checks to be processed by the Finance Department for presentation at the appropriate Council meeting.
G. If all funds are not distributed for a donation period, these funds may be added to the next period within the fiscal year, thereby increasing the amount available for distribution for that cycle. Funds will not carry over into the next fiscal year.

Organizations that do not comply with these additional requirements may be ineligible for future donations or may be required to refund the money that they received.
A. Funds must be used by the organization for the activity stated in the application.
B. Applicants must provide subsequent financial information to the City within 30 days of the date of the activity as indicated on the City form provided with the award of donation.
C. Funds may not be transferred to another organization or activity.
D. Organizations seeking multiple donations within consecutive fiscal years must provide a presentation to the City Council after the completion of the funded activity to share how the donation was utilized.


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