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Capital Improvement Program
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Capital Improvements Projects

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) serves as Hawaiian Garden’s long-range plan for individual community and infrastructure projects to enhance the quality of life for the residents. CIP Projects are unique construction projects that provide improvements or additions such as land, buildings, and infrastructure.

The CIP helps enhance the overall quality of life in the City by improving the physical structures, systems, and facilities that provide services to the community. CIP projects are generally large and expensive, and the assets they install, replace, or rehabilitate will likely be required for decades of public use.

Funding sources for CIP projects are originated from multiple sources and administered through the City’s Engineering Division.  Some of the funding sources include Proposition A and C programs that support transit related developments such as bus shelters, sidewalks, and streets.  Measure R Funds are used for curb and gutter repairs and ADA compliance.  Gasoline Tax are funds originated from gasoline taxes which help fund the maintenance of the City’s streets.

The CIP is a multiple year forecast of the City’s capital needs. A capital need includes various project types such as:

    • Bikeways
    • Bridges
    • Storm drainage and flood control facilities
    • Libraries
    • Park and recreation centers
    • Public Safety, Parks and Recreation facilities
    • Street improvements, lights and traffic signals
    • Sidewalk improvements
    • Utilities undergrounding
    • Water and sewer facilities and pipelines

Current Capital Improvement Projects

Carson Street Beautification
Hawaiian Gardens’ main corridor, Carson Street, underwent a major transformation, spanning from Pioneer Boulevard to Norwalk Boulevard.  The year-long project included improvements along the roadway, sidewalks, new landscaping in median and sidewalk planters, decorative walls and fencing, upgraded handicap ramps, and new bus shelters.  In addition, new sign graphics established a decorative City theme and were included on new street signs, light pole banners, and utility boxes, complementing the new City monument sign at the Pioneer Boulevard entrance to Carson Street.

Clarkdale Park – New Skate Park and Splash Pad
One of the many recreational areas located within the City, Clarkdale Park is one of the most utilized parks.  The renovations included upgrades to the skate park, splash pad, landscaping, and new bathroom facilities, making it a popular destination for kids and families alike. 

Lee Ware Park Shade Structure
The installation of a new 525 square foot shade structure is a hit for the local residents.  Features of the picnic shelter include: picnic tables, barbeques, new concrete pad, lighting and landscaping that made this project an instant gem.  Residents can take advantage of the outdoor barbeque and shaded area for any special occasion.


Veterans Memorial
As a symbol to honor the Veterans of our country, the City of Hawaiian Gardens built a 4,500 square foot Veterans Memorial plaza located at the entrance of Hawaiian Gardens City Hall.  The memorial design is a tribute to honor the men and women who served in the United States Military.  Key features at the memorial include a unique five-point star design monument, along with a historic naval cannon manufactured during World War II and restored by the Public Works Department.


Hawaiian Gardens Teen Center
The City of Hawaiian Gardens is glad to present one of its newest projects, the Teen Center.   The facility holds true to the City’s commitment of investing in “Our Youth Our Future” motto.  The 2,900 square foot facility will serve as the hub for the local youth to meet and participate in various activities that support their interests in education, being community leaders, and developing technological skills that empower them into the world.