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Participate in the 53rd Anniversary Parade
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How To Participate in the Hawaiian Gardens Annual Parade

Click here for ENTRY FORM


To be considered for the parade, please completely fill out and return the
entry form today. Paperwork, such as maps, passes, etc … will be sent out to
accepted entries once the deadline has passed.


All floats Entries Must Provide A Sketch And Proof Of Insurance With Application.
Incomplete Applications will not be considered until complete.. All decorations used
must be fire retardent and the float available for inspection by the Fire Department
prior to the start of the parade.


  1. MUSICAL SWEEPSTAKES ………………………. Highest Scoring Band
  2. DRILL TEAM SWEEPSTAKES……………. Highest Scoring Drill Team
  3. JROTC SWEEPSTAKES………….. Highest Scoring Rotc In the parade
  4. MAYOR’S AWARD…………………………………………. Best Local Entry

Trophies Will Be Presented Immediately After The Parade in the festival area
located at ferguson elementary.


Performed by California Premier Judging Association. All decisions of the judges
are final. Standard parade rules will govern.
Float Judging will be based upon Execution of Theme, Originality of Design, and
Spectator Appeal and must be self propelled.


By filling out and submitting the application, you agree to the following rules :

  1. All participants must be uniformed, costumed, and / or appropriately attired.
  2. All entries should have a positive theme which respects diversity, is
    non-controversial, and does not advocate any political candidate,
    proposition, or position.
  3. All entries in the parade must be approved by the parade committee. Any
    deviation from the from the rules must be approved prior to acceptance of
    the parade application.
  4. The parade will start promptly at 11:00 am.
  5. The parade committee, the city of Hawaiian Gardens, and / or pageantry
    accepts no responsibility for any false statements made by any applicant,
    participant, and / or unit in the parade.
  6. Forward motion must be maintained throughout the parade route, including
    judging. stopping at any time to perform is prohibited.
  7. All sound equipment used in the parade must be self-propelled. Vehicles
    of any kind are not allowed in the parade for the purpose of being used as
    a music platform.
  8. No one under the age of eight (8) will be permitted to march in the parade
    without prior approval approval from the parade committee.
  9. All entries must fit a classification offered.
  10. All decorations must be fireproof / fire retardent.
  11. All entries are encouraged to carry an identification banner.
  12. At no time is anything to be thrown or handed out along the parade route.
  13. Applications must be submitted by the entry deadline of March 16, 2016
    for acceptance into the parade.
  14. Application, including script and insurance (if re quired) must be completed
    and signed to be considered.
  15. The parade committee accepts entries based upon the information submitted
    on the application. No changes to any entry will be allowed once submitted
    and accepted without committee approval.
  16. No firearms, sirens, or loud noises (including music) that interferes with
    other units are allowed.
  17. Acceptance into the parade is at the discretion of the parade committee
    and all decisions are final.
  18. Any violation of these rules may lead to immediate disqualification,
    and / or removal from the parade.

Click here for entry form