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General Plan
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A general plan is a long-range planning document that addresses key factors for a well-functioning community. According to Government Code Section 65300, every city and county in the State must adopt a comprehensive, long-term general plan. Under State law, a city’s general plan must include a statement of development policies, and must include diagrams and text establishing goals, principles, standards, and plan proposals.

The Hawaiian Gardens’ General Plan includes the long-term vision for the community. It provides the blueprint for development and addresses all aspects of the environment, including housing, traffic, natural resources, open space, safety, land uses, and public facilities. These policies are translated into implementation tools, such as land use standards, rehabilitation programs, beautification plans, and other similar programs.

Hawaiian Gardens’ General Plan is divided by the following elements:

  • Land Use Element
  • Economic Development Element
  • Community Design Element
  • Housing Element
  • Circulation Element
  • Capital Improvements Element
  • Conservation Element
  • Open Space/Recreation Element
  • Air Quality Element
  • Safety Element
  • Noise Element

The General Plan was adopted on January 26, 2010 under Resolution Number 008-2010.

Download and view the General Plan here: