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The City’s Zoning Ordinance is the primary tool for implementing the General Plan. The Zoning Ordinance also includes the Zoning Map, which identifies the various zoning districts in the City. Zoning districts include residential, commercial, industrial and public facility zones. The Zoning Ordinance includes detailed standards for new development and the allowable uses within each zoning district. These standards include what types of uses are permitted in a particular zone, minimum lot size, height restrictions, building setbacks, parking requirements, wall heights, sign criteria and other development standards.

The Zoning Code is Title 18 of the Hawaiian Gardens Municipal Code. It includes the following chapters:

  • General Provisions
  • Definitions
  • Zoning Map
  • Residential Zones
  • Residential Regulations
  • Non-Residential Zones
  • Non-Residential Regulations
  • Special Zones
  • Supplemental Regulations
  • Administration

The Zoning Ordinance was comprehensively adopted on August 2011. Download the Zoning Ordinance or view specific sections here: